Magnus Louvmand Pedersen

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I am an engineering student at Aarhus University - School of Engineering, where I am studying Computer Technology.
My experience in all aspects of production, strong communication and organizational skills, and my ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly will make me one of your organization's most valuable members.

Work experience

Software Engineering Consultant 2014-Present
At It-minds

As a software engineering consultant at IT Minds, I develop solutions for private companies and municipalities. In that work I have the following tasks among other things:

  • Development of web applications in cooperation with customers
  • Estimation of projects
  • Technical project management

Software Engineer Internship 2013-2014
At It-minds

As an intern I have been involved in in-house work, with the goal to develop solutions that fulfills the customer's needs. My main focus areas where development of web applications, data-base solutions and other areas to strengthen and improve our customer's workflow and processes.

Sales assistant 2008-2013
At Netto

As a sales assistant in a convenience store my main task was to ensure that the shelves were stocked correctly and ensuring every customer is tended to and satisfied.


M.Sc.Eng Computer Technology(cand.polyt) 2015-2017
At Aarhus University - School of Engineering

Master's degree in Computer Technology with speciality in Software Engineering and Distributed Systems.

Master Thesis: Refactoring for Overture/VDM

The thesis concerns the development of an addition to the Overture IDE that offers refactoring support of a model written in the VDM modelling language. Including research of how different applied technologies for refactoring works and which previously recognized approaches are deemed as industry standard.

B.Eng. in Information Technology 2011-2015
At Aarhus University - School of Engineering

Bachelor's degree in ICT Engineering with a specialisation in Software.

Bachelor Project: Student Discount Application

The project was to develop a system that enhances the student's ability to use and get student discounts. This was done by digitizing a procedure that was otherwise paper based, by developing an android app and a web app that replaced the old procedure.

HTX student 2008-2011
At HTX Skjern

After 10th grade, I started at a technical college where my program emphasized subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering disciplines.


C# Java C++ C
Web Development:
Development tools:
MS SQL Server GIT SVN Visual Studio Eclipse IntelliJ NuGet Azure Jira
Operating systems:
Windows Linux Android
Danish English
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